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Scamp - Mirror Faced Mentality(FULL ALBUM)

This music belongs to Scamp.
Mauricio Quiñonez : really really good sound
mads vigeholm : Thanks for posting this.. we're recording a new album atm \m/ ROCK
DDude420 : Fandme så god dansk tråd! Ved at være nogle år siden jeg hørte dem for første gang, stadig fucking konge band
Dean : that snare sounds fucking awful...
Steve L : This is really a great album, it deserves to be noticed more. It has the CarBomb Meta sound but in like 2014. Amazing

OFF-GRID BLIZZARD // 13ft Scamp Trailer

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My music is from Epidemic Sound!

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Winter Camping - COLDEST NIGHT YET


30 Things I Quit Buying

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Donovan Delaney : I would use that axe and go all Jason or Michael Myers and start stabbing anything around me!❤️
varun rauthan : You are living a real life
Christopher Moon : Is that dog a fox? Sweet!
Youtube Throwaway : I love Kamp!
Jays Adventures : Nice vid!

How Much Is a 2021 Scamp Trailer?!! // And How/Why We Got a 13' Scamp Trailer with No Bathroom!!!

The big questions answered: HOW MUCH DOES A 13 FOOT SCAMP TRAILER COST!!!!! All the prices and options on our 2021 13 foot Scamp Trailer and why we love it! Why did we pick a Scamp??? Made in America! Tiny! Subaru-friendly! No poop inside! All the costs deets you want and more!!!!

All Camping Products We Use and Love:

Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
License code: PAVIH0EWF0R4XZBN
rcflyer202 : Wish i could find a girl half as pretty and desirable as you, you made my day.We had a coleman camper for ten years , and sold it when my wife died , She was VERY much like you,in looks and speech , Wish you a long and happy life. BILL
Robin Crook : LOL, great video. You were easy to listen to, and although my "baby" is 24 and on her own...I told my husband "Thank God the pandemic didn't happen while our daughter was little (although I did give up my research career to stay home with her...after 15 years, she was a HUGE surprise, ha). We truck and/or tent camp and have all the stuff, like you, for handling potty and cleanup. But, we have two little dogs and would like to be able to take them along at some point because house/pet care is expensive and sometimes hard to find. I have been following reviews of tear drops, "canned ham" type trailers, and Scamps, and I think the Scamp would be great. Hubby doesn't like the idea of towing something, so I would like to know if that has ever been a problem for you. We do live in Utah, but really, not all of our traveling/camping would require high clearance and 4WD. Thanks, and happy travels!
Laura Kilmer : you are a lot of fun. We love our HiLo like you like your scamp. Your roof will never leak. you are a smart gal. Loved the video
Sonia Carroll : I think you got a really nice deal on that it looks really nice
Cynthia Ahern : I've been looking at information on S camps. Found you. BEST SCAMP VIDEO YET! Loves❤




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