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한요한 - Kawai (Feat. SUPERBEE)

한요한 무료 싱글 Kawai
싸클주소: https://soundcloud.com/yohanheaven/kawai
송해욱 : 이번앨범에 포함!!
강민수 : 청룡쇼바 앨범 ㅅㅅ
찬예김 : 정규로 나온답니다 ㅅ
브베브베 : 이 명곡이 음원으로 나온다니 기대기대
이현우 : 노래 개 좋다

Kawai CA99 - Digitalpiano der Oberklasse im Test

Kawai CA99 - Homepiano mit Hybrid-Piano-Features

"Digitalpianos der Oberklasse“ mit Jörg Sunderkötter von PIANOO.de und Klavierlehrer Yacine Khorchi (music2me.de). Als Top-Modell der Concert-Artist-Serie bietet das Kawai CA99 Ausstattungsmerkmale von Hybrid-Digitalpianos: Mit einer hochwertigen Holztastatur und einem Transducer-Resonanzboden vermittelt das Kawai-Piano ein Spielgefühl nah am akustischen Original.

0:00 Intro
0:47 Besonderheiten: Holztastatur, Resonanzboden, Klavierdesign
1:58 Holztastatur und Hammermechanik im Detail
2:27 Spielgefühl und Dynamik der Tastatur
3:28 Was bringt SK-EX Rendering?
3:55 Klangbeispiel: Shigeru Kawai SK-EX
5:09 Klangbeispiele Klassik
9:10 Flexibilität des Pianoklangs dank Virtual Technician
9:43 Piano-App von Kawai: PianoRemote
10:10 Klangbeispiele: EX Concert Grand
10:30 Was bringt das Transducer-System?
13:20 Das Klavier-Design
13:54 Resümee

Der Test auf pianoo.de ► https://www.pianoo.de/test/kawai-ca99/
Yacine auf music2me.de ► https://music2me.de

Weitere Infos auf PIANOO.de zu Tastatur, Hammermechanik und Holztasten:

by pianoo.de
Roland Greykowski : Ich liebe ja eure Videos alle! Aber bei diesem kommt richtig viel Begeisterung rüber! Man merkt richtig wie viel Spaß es euch macht an diesem Piano zu spielen! Der Klang ist aber auch wirklich sehr bemerkenswert! Ihr habt nur zwei Klänge angespielt und ich bin verliebt Leider spürt man die von euch so hoch gelobten Schwingungen nicht, aber der Klang hat mich wirklich umgehauen! ...und ich spiele seid ca. einem Jahr ein Kawai ES8 dass ja nun auch nicht soooo schlecht ist...! Ich fange an zu sparen!!!
Midgard95 : Von allen Videos die ich bisher gesehen habe gefällt mir hier der Klang am besten. Wirklich wunderbarer Klang. ☺️

Finde eure Videos wirklich klasse , ihr beiden seid auch super sympathisch und bringt die Freude an der Musik rüber.
Salamun Ardho : top digital piano...
Phil Sarkol : Da ist kein wort zu viel gesagt..Kawai hat hier mit diesem CA99 die oberklasse erreicht, oder sie führt ihm an. Fielleicht die nr1? Führ mich absolut...nur das taschengeld reicht noch nicht aus...wenn dieser corona vorüber und vorbei ist möchte ich die CA99 gerne mal ausprobieren.
David Z : Kommt noch ein Test zum Kawai Novus NV-5? Ein Vergleich zum CA99 würde mich interessieren.

Kawai CA99 Digital Piano Review & Demo - LCD Touchscreen, Grand Feel III, Concert Artist Series

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Comparable Alternatives
Get the Kawai CA79▸https://geni.us/kawai-CA79
Get the Kawai Novus NV5▸https://geni.us/Kawai-NV5
Get the Kawai CA98▸https://geni.us/Kawai-CA98

#CA99 #Kawai #DigitalPiano

Hi there, and welcome to another piano review video here at Merriam Pianos. Today, we’re looking at Kawai’s flagship model of their Concert Series, the CA99 Hybrid digital piano.

This has been one of the most popular and talked about home digital pianos of 2020 so far, and really does improve upon the already excellent CA98.

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Piano Sound:

Sound is of course one of the main considerations when choosing a digital piano, and this is especially true with the CA99. The CA79 is virtually the same instrument, except in how the sound is presented to the player. While the tone engine is identical between these two instruments, in addition to the powerful 6 speaker system, the CA99 also utilizes a real solid spruce soundboard, bringing the piano sound to a whole different level of authenticity. The warmth and presence the soundboard imparts is truly remarkable.

The main piano sound here is Kawai’s SKEX Rendering sound engine, which is actually a modeled sound engine with unlimited polyphony. The CA99 is also outfitted with Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging XL (HI XL) sound engine as well. Comparing the two sound engines, the Rendering engine seems to have more detail and nuance as compared to the sample based engine, and via the on-board Virtual Technician, there’s the ability to customize a huge variety of sound related parameters to essentially customize your own preferred piano sound.

Kawai has updated the touch screen user interface from the CA98, and the layout and ease of use has definitely improved. The various other patches found in the HI XL engine sound great, including electric pianos, organs, strings, and harpsichord among others. The second harpsichord sample is especially nice, especially for those who like to play Baroque music.

Piano Action:

The CA99 is outfitted with Kawai’s brand new Grand Feel III action, which represents a pretty meaningful upgrade over the Grand Feel II with a new design in how the keystick connects to the capstan and hammer. The new version of the action is built to be more durable and the repetition speed has improved. Like the previous generation, this action features an extended wooden keystick, escapement, counterweights and a nice texture on both the white and black keys.

Another interesting difference is that the keybed seems to feel a bit spongier than on the Grand Feel II action. While this might throw some people off, it actually feels closer to an acoustic piano, and provides a nice cushion for your joints and muscles. Without a doubt, this is an excellent action, and arguably the best on the market available in a digital piano for under $10,000 CAD.

Piano Features:

We’ll focus on the new touch screen here. As mentioned above, it’s been quite improved over the previous version, as it’s laid out better and much easier to control. It’s super easy and fast to navigate between different piano and other instrument sounds, and there’s shortcuts to get to the metronome and rhythm screens. There were some complaints with the previous generation interface, but Kawai has clearly taken the feedback and made serious improvements here.

Diving into the virtual technician menu is very intuitive, with excellent visual accompaniment when playing around with various sound related parameters. The record function also has a shortcut, so you don’t have to do a lot of messing around if you’re playing in the heat of the moment and want to do some recording.

The CA99 also has both Bluetooth MIDI and Bluetooth Audio, which essentially turns the instrument into a high end stereo system. There’s also hours and hours of preloaded classical music from great composers such as Bach, as well as over a dozen different lesson books. It’s not a stretch to say this is easily the best digital piano user interface I’ve yet to experience.

Thanks for watching, long live the piano!

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Ed De : Looks a bit old fashioned, еsp the lid
Ed De : What is the previous model and what's the difference? This one is really Costly
Matthew Small : I am torn between the NV5 and the CA99. I've tried the CA99 today and loved it compared to my current Clavinova 635 but the salesman offered me a great deal on the NV5...I'd thought the latter was above my price point but maybe not. Is it worth the extra for a true action (albeit upright) vs the grand feel 3?
Dejan Ajlec : Hello! did you perhaps have any of the reported issues with CA99 (buzzing/rattling/hissing noise or clicky keys)?
Grillchips : When you placed the first two chords at 15:12 I was like: "Nice! Seasons of love vibes". And when the third chord came I was like: "Seasons of love indeed". :)




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